garryDing Dong! The Chief is dead. Which old Chief? The Wicked Chief
Ding Dong! The Wicked Chief is dead.

The Time, 5.00pm in the Realm of Perenolde, Our brave adventurers gathered before the Warchief, the crazed leader of the, as he called it, “true” horde.

Called….called being the operative word here as Thrall lay wounded and broken, or just a damn lazy ass not quite sure. Our brave heroes entered the arena. From all regions of Azeroth and beyond, abilities so unbelievable that people down the ages think them to be myth and legend. Heroes so noble that a sainthood will be bestowed.

Two Gladiatorial tanks with Strength of the Gods themselves. Healers imbued with gifts from Asclepius and Mother Nature.  A hunter blessed by Athena herself.  Shaman calling on the elemental forces of Earth, wind and fire (hmm i feel a song coming on) bringing the storm. Warlocks of limited stature calling forth magics from a darker realm, magics so powerful only the worthy can trap them to their will. Warrior who’s prowess with a blade is the inspiration for many a minstrels song. Magi with arcane magics, fire and ice at their command.

Northernfist,  Korgull, Lyaniaa aka Zalria,  Oryana aka Saphyra, Onatawihoweh aka Boinkers, ApoptygmaChiccaa, Bluebaby,  Morgis, Salsamouth, Deadly, Kalvel.

There were engineers to be killed, corruption to be avoided and desecration to destroy. Corrupted Horde forces to cull. Parallel realms to negotiate, many of our brave heroes were taken over by mind control techniques that they will have nightmares for years to come. Is there a trace of that control left behind one wonders.

After death, resurrection, reincarnation and sacrifice by a few brave souls for the greater good, with less than 2% to go 3 brave souls stood in front of a transformed Garrosh Hellscream, no longer an orc but totally corrupted.

The deities looked upon our battered a bruise heroes, Asclepius and Mother Nature giving a last burst of power. Garrosh was DEFEATED!!!  Our fallen heroes resurrected, returning home to a celebrate or sleep.

Jolly good show chaps and chappesses, same time next week 😉