AMhalloweenLadies and Gentlefolk of the Machine.

Greetings and salutations. There are many wonderful and exciting things to come in 6.0 and WoD when it is released, but alas they are still weeks away. So lets have a little fun, a celebration if you will of all that is brilliant in Abuse Machine. To all the new people that have joined this year I thank you. For all those that stayed around despite the end of XPAC blues I thank you. To all those coming back I thank you.  To AM  friends who still like to stay in touch I thank you.

So yeah yeah, enough with the Oscar speech, I don’t think I need to thank my Mum, some teacher I have forgotten the name of but possibly my cats Sheldon and Penny.

Anyway I digress…..

Who does not like a bit of a costume party, well lets mix that with drunken raiding and Halloween.

With that in mind, I present to you the Abuse Machine Halloween Costume Party. You have until Sunday 2nd November to gather all you need for a Costume. Pretty much anything goes, Super heroes,  something just for Halloween, something you already have, get those creative juices flowing.

On a suitably spooky evening at an eerie time we will run Naxxrammas for more mogs/achieves or just for fun, wearing our wonderfully mogged gear.

This will be after the Townhall meeting on the 1st November


Best over all mog gets the grand prize, of your choice,  from the Blizzard store.  Choose from a Mount/pet/Game time game card.

Not many rules to this one, but I may think of a few more as time goes on.

  1. Your items must be class specific as we will raid. So no mixing and matching gear types.
  2. You must be in costume to run the raid.

Judges will have time during the raid to make their decisions and announce the winners at the end.

Show your interest or ask questions here.

Happy mog hunting all. To the Chiccaamobil.