Summer 2017 Ranking system

The Ranks – Basically you’re now split into 5 teams (Red, Blue, Purple, Gold and Black) and each team is Captained by 2 Officers each, who will be your in-Guild representatives.

Red Team Officers – Exhero & Huptburgmaue
Blue Team Officers – Taegyn & Geppettia
Purple Team Officers – Zenlianni & Zexidamus
Gold Team Officers – Apoptygma & Hawtshotzie
Black Team Officers – Whistler & Slaytern

Not only will your Officers be your “go to” people for any guild questions, complaints and advice you might have, but in terms of our summer competitions (many to be announced soon!) they will be your team leaders to help guide you through the destruction of the other teams ;) !!

Futher ranking information will appear here in due course.

* Not registering to the website means you run the risk of being let go from Integrity altogether. Registration is MANDATORY for all members and I will use
my discretion on this matter if I feel you have had ample warning to do so. All of
our important Guild News is relayed on this site.

* If you feel you deserve a promotion, you may petition Korgull for one. You should
be prepared to be adult enough to accept “no” for an answer if I feel you have not
met the criteria laid out in this posting. This Guild is a casual guild and all are
welcome to join, providing they abide by the rules, but Guild Ranks are a means of
identifying your type of gameplay and contributions to AM,and not used as a
means to grant you personal prestige or increased daily repair amounts. Also,
Officer Ranks are off limits when petitioning for a rank. If we feel you meet all the
criteria for an Officer Rank, we will inform you.

* Ranks are attained by your personal activity in the guild. If you lose traction and
become a low or non functioning member of the guild, we reserve the right to
bump your rank down according to the level of gameplay your are contributing, &
this includes Officers as well. If you are going to be expecting a drop off in your
game/guild activity, please inform Leadership so that we may have a reason to
keep you at your rank for a reasonable period of time.

These ranks and any other decisions or amendments made to them, are subject to the Guild Leader’s discretion / approval and may occur without notice.

Thank You.